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Shaping the Future of Healthcare at Nibo

Nibo Union USA, Inc. has identified the lack of an adequate hospital facilities as one of the most pressing needs of Nibo community. Thus Nibo Union USA, Inc embarked on the construction of a 40-bed Hospital at Nibo to immediately address this need. At our 2005 convention held in Dallas TX, the general body approved this hospital project as the next humanitarian project the organization will implement. After acquiring all the necessary government approvals, the construction of the hospital began following a ground breaking ceremony in April 2006.

In 2006 Nibo USA embarked on a mass fundraising effort at the convention held in Boston, MA, to raise the necessary funds to help speed-up construction work at the Hospital – This fundraising event has continued throughout our various annual fundraising events across the USA and at Nibo. We will fully apply the funds raised towards work at the Nibo Hospital project. Upon completion, this 40-bed hospital will serve not only residents of Nibo town but also many of the surrounding towns and villages in Anambra state.

A Job Well Done!

We are proud to inform all our supporters home and abroad about the completion and commissioning of this hospital project. It was not an easy task but we were able to live through it as a result of your support. The project was commissioned and handed over to the people of Nibo in December 2012. We thank you all sincerely for expending your time and resources to be a part of this success; and we pray that our God will continue to increase you in every areas of your lives.

For more pictures and information about the commissioning and handover event, please click the links below:

NiboUSA Hospital Handover Welcome Address

NiboUSA Hospital Handover Ceremony Report



Nelson Mandela one of Africa’s great leaders was quoted as saying “Education is the greatest weapon to change the world”. We at Nibo Union USA, Inc. concur with him and believe that education is one of the single most important gifts that we can give to our children. Providing a sound foundation to build on education therefore becomes paramount to the success of our communities in rearing the next generation. In order to provide access to education for families that are indigent in our communities, Nibo Union USA, Inc. embarked on scholarship program to empower those children who without external help will not get the opportunity to achieve basic secondary school education. The program provides scholarship for selected students to attend secondary schools at Nibo. This ongoing program we anticipate in the long run will pay tremendous dividends for our communities at large.

Nibo Union USA, Inc. has actively taken initiatives to help our struggling institutions by donating funds for infrastructure development when the need is identified. In one case the organization sponsored the construction of an examination hall for a secondary school at Nibo. Without this gesture, the school would have lost accreditation and be forced to close down.


From time to time, Nibo Union USA, Inc. partners with other nonprofit organizations to conduct medical missions to communities in Nigeria. These missions involve volunteers of medical practitioners – doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other public health personnel who travel to Nigeria to conduct medical clinics. Our member volunteers usually travel at their own expense with medicines donated by several philanthropic organizations in the US. Nibo Union USA, Inc. normally raises and contributes to matching funds that are used to buy medicines and to pay for local help to handle transportation, lodging and dispensation of care for the assigned volunteer medical team at the designated health centers. These missions see on the average over 2000 patients over several days, performing sometimes minor surgeries.


Our philanthropy seeks to find ways to empower the women in our communities who have limited access to capital for starting small businesses. In 2012, Nibo Union USA, Inc. provided an initial seed capital which was matched by another US based non-profit organization ASAUSA to start a Micro Finance Credit Program for women in our community at Nibo. The aim of the program was to provide interest free capital for about half a dozen women to allow them start small business ventures. Those selected use the allocated amount for prescribed duration and repay without interest. The principal is then recycled for a new set of women. We have had tremendous success with this program and we intend to keep growing the principal to help more women.